I have returned…….

Hello again everyone,

I have been so busy with work lately that the site had to be put on hold. Working +70hrs a week ended taking up a lot of my time!  During the pause, I decided to do some tweaks to Voldemort to finally give the ZBrush work the “All Clear” and move on to start forming the bases of the cloth textures as well as the multiple skin maps I will be using with the SSS….then when the time was most valuable…..my laptop finally died. Leaving me stranded. Luckily, I was in the process of building a computer back home and was able to get it up here rather quickly. Now that it is here, and I get back to doing what I love!

The site will be fully functional soon, all links, images, and drop down menus will be complete and each gallery/category will be polished off or have a place holder at the very least.

Hope to get some new stuff out soon!

Untill we meet again….


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