About Mr. Turner

Thanks for checking out my site!

Hello, my name is Joshua Turner and I am a modeler, digital sculptor, and texture artist.

      Born and raised in Missouri, I moved around a lot as a kid, which meant I played video games and watched movies constantly. I left for Florida in order to go to college and peruse my dream of doing CGI for gaming, film, digital media, and basically anything else I could get my hands on. It was an amazing experience…yet, I can’t say the same for my student loans.

With little CG work to find here in STL [St. Louis, Missouri], I am constantly searching for freelance and studio gigs to keep my skills at their sharpest, my student loans at bay, and to keep my dream alive….

In June of 2009, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation. My main focus is modeling and texturing, thus is the focus of my demo reel. Although modeling is my expertise, I can texture assets, both 3D and 2D having worked with Photoshop for a good 6 years, even before I started in the CG industry. I can animate, understanding the basics and main principles of animation. I have a great understanding of MAYA, ZBrush, DeltaGen, and the Photoshop software packages with some practice in 3D Studio Max as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests!