Green Thumb

Low-Poly Mini Scene

This is the third in a series of small “mini scenes” to help my progress with low-poly assets.

This was also a large learning project in hand-painted textures, mixing many material types, as well as making sure they matched and blended nicely with the rest of the color pallet. It was a much larger project than the previous two in the series; requiring a “multi-layered” ground texture and some fairly large trees. Even though the ground was handled and painted in Photoshop, I treated it the same as if I would in the Unreal Editor; I used “stacked” masking layers to carve through the different textures to create a nice, smooth transition between them.

Total : 20,380 Tris


One response to “Green Thumb

  1. Wow! Looks great. I’m inspired. I know the tree leave batches are simple geometry with alpha channel map but they look great and I want to try something similar.

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