Sci Fi Machinery

Something Old with Something New

Being accustomed to an organic environment, I wanted to again test myself in an area that was both interesting and challenging, as well as getting an opportunity to test out some hard surface techniques in ZBrush. Deciding on the “Sci Fi” theme, I picked a image from Halo 4’s concept artist Josh Kao and spun it in the style of Firefall by Red 5 Studios.

I really enjoy how game artists today are creating these assets compared to back in the day. It’s not compiled by with hunks of metal riveted together, each piece seems to belong and have a purpose, which is the principal idea I kept in mind during the modeling, sculpting, and texturing.

Total Tris:

High Poly – 33,600

Low Poly – 18,700

Update: Using this asset, I’ve made a few more pieces to help flesh out a tiny scene just for fun. There’s still some stuff I’d like to work out, but here’s my latest progress!

Update: Now incorporating Unity, I imported the original asset and re-created its shading/light setup.

Update: After I built the Unity scene, I went ahead and did the same in UDK. Again, it’s an early set-up, but the base is established.


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