The Dark Lord

Lord Voldemort

Originally, this was planned to just be a simple bust of actor Ralph Finnes and then a second of him, post-CG, as Lord Voldemort…..

It grew into a piece involving fluid fire dynamics, nCloth simulations, and not to mention the addition of an entire body…

I will continue to post the very latest images and videos of the project as I get them chiseled out…

This image is my main reference and a still shot from the scene I am remaking. It is from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and courtesy of Warner Bros.

In relation to my project and my reference, a big difference is the pose. I opened up his hand and flexed the fingers to give it a more dynamic feel. Also, during the scene in the movie, the picture I posted above is all you see of him because the camera cuts out the rest. So for his entire body I had to envision a nice and interesting silhouette for the final render as well as how he held his wand and the flow/movement of his robes…

Update: Recent work on the base of this piece. I created the floor out of wood planks with the look and feel that they are drifting away….either from the force of the spell, or as a metaphor for his dwindling life and inevitable downfall….


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